Strategic Precision is a market research, advanced analytics and statistical modelling consultancy, focused on developing and optimizing customer loyalty programs.


Our solutions create disruptive and innovative market influences for brands that want to be loyalty leaders. We understand how to bring data to life and how to connect customers to brands. Our team are recognised experts in the areas of psychology, analytics, research, statistics and behavioural economics, each having 20+ years of experience.


Our clients span insurance, FMCG, automotive, retail, loyalty, banking, insurance, utilities, government and education.


The way we work and the gains we achieve


We provide unique solutions that have the potential to make a significant difference, by using behavioural economic models that analyze psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors and the effects they have on the way consumers behave in real markets. Once the best models have been developed, we integrate the findings with your customer database.


Analytics on behavioural data can only go a certain way in predicting the way consumers behave because even though we can see what consumers do, we do not know their motivations, needs, attitudes and opinions. Scientifically based market research, especially choice and structural equation models, bring behavioural economics to the table.


By operating in a six sigma framework, our solutions achieve greater accuracy for acquisition and retention, and that is when the full potential of analytics and research is realised.