Qualitative research


Our qualitative research, whether in-depth interviews or groups, all have a quantitative component.


We have developed specialised statistical procedures that enable predictive models to be built from very small samples. By applying specific and scientifically designed trade-off analyses to qualitative sessions, we are able to extract unprecedented insights.


As such, we not only discuss and explore your topic in great detail and depth, we also provide you with the numbers to provide a true perspective of people's thoughts and needs.


Quantitative research


One of the things that distinguish us from other market research consultancies, is that we do not report endless streams of averages, because averages alone tell us very little about real consumers in real markets.


Our quantitative work only produces predictive outputs. For example, there is no point in reporting the average of a satisfaction measure, when we can calculate the degree to which satisfaction influences the likelihood of your product or service being bought or used.


Similarly, there is no point in reporting an NPS score on its own for a brand, when compared to an NPS score predicting the likelihood of customer engagement, hence spend. In other words, we believe that we add more value to our clients by talking prediction, rather than talking averages. That way, you can get a true view of both your customers and the market.